Avoid workplace accidents with our
anti-slip flooring

Accidents at work can prove to be costly! As well as the loss of quality of life for the injured individual, work accidents mean a large financial expense for the employer. Employees can be off work recuperating for months, which can slow down production significantly. In both human and financial terms, work accidents are always best avoided. The Grating Company is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of non slip flooring. Our reliable and affordable anti-slip flooring products include stair tread covers and anti-slip sheets that will make your work environment safer and more productive. We have dedicated teams that can be deployed to site for emergency works.
Anti-slip Floor panels have been designed to be installed over new or existing structural members of steel, timber, concrete or aluminium based floors, providing a quick and economical, safe solution to slippery walking surfaces. 
FRP/GRP Gritted Solid Plate Flooring has been designed for use in applications where durability and long, maintenance-free life is crucial. 
Anti-slip stair treads have high visibility yellow/white nosing, offering higher safety standards in low lighting areas. A full range of stainless steel fixings are available for various installations. 

Non slip flooring 

In many workplaces, the danger of losing your footing is always present. At The Grating Company, our GRP anti-slip sheets and stair treads are robust and durable. Available in black with a bold high visibility safety stripe at the edge, our stair tread covers and anti-slip sheets will make sure that you and your employees always stay safe at work.

Quality products, cut to your specifications

At our factory, our cutting and fabrication specialists provide comprehensive services. As we do all CAD drawing in house, we can provide a range of anti-slip flooring to meet your exact requirements.
Installing reliable anti-slip flooring will cut down on workplace accidents. To find out more about our range, please call our team serving London and the surrounding areas
01787 319 922.
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