Build it better with our versatile GRP profiles

Fibreglass is well regarded throughout the construction industry for its strength, versatility and durable characteristics. With fibreglass pultruded GRP profiles you can create lightweight, long lasting structures that are incredibly resilient. The Grating Company can fabricate GRP profiles that will fit your exact requirements. We can deliver our products anywhere in the UK and London and provide extensive customer support and after sales assistance.

Fibreglass pultruded profiles are manufactured by combining various resins with pure glassfibre reinforcement. 

The Pultruded GRP Profiles provide exceptional strength, toughness and consistency. Pultrusions offer a number of advantages over traditional materials such as steel, aluminium and timber and their use is increasing across a wide range of applications and industries.

They are formed and cured in a continuous process creating a product of extraordinary strength and resilience and are available in various shapes including Box, Channel, Tube, angle and Box. Used for the construction of chemical resistant plant assemblies. The materials are often used to fabricate stairs, access platforms, step over platforms and ramps.
Weighing up to 80% less than steel and 30% less than aluminium, GRP Profile offers equivalent performance for considerably less weight. This results in major weight savings and lower installed costs due to more economical transportation, handling and on site positioning.

Cost effective and sturdy GRP profiles
Often used to build stairs, platforms and ramps, GRP profiles are an inexpensive, non corrosive and non slip building material. Chemical and temperature resistant our GRP profiles are available in channel, I-bean, box, angle and tube formats.

Custom made fibreglass
The Grating Company can design, cut and install a huge range of quality, custom made fibreglass products. We operate throughout London and the UK and with an in house CAD drawing team, we can help you create exactly the right component for your needs.

Fibreglass GRP profiles are an amazingly versatile building material. Contact The Grating Company on 01787 319 922 for more information.
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