Create a safer building site with our reliable riser flooring

Construction sites can be dangerous places. With open shafts and gaping holes, the average building site poses many risks of fall from height. With the great range of riser flooring (also known as GRP service risers) and service riser ducts from The Grating Company, you can make sure that your site is completely safe. Serving London and surrounding areas, our team can provide top quality custom made riser flooring anywhere in the UK.

GRP riser grating is the ideal solution for these voids, and is often specified to provide a safe working environment in the fitting of lift equipment. It can however, also be used in a variety of other applications, including stairwell man holes, storage tanks, valve chambers, floor slabs, lift shafts and any other kind of floor opening.
provides a modern high specification alternative to traditional galvanised steel and ply board service riser duct flooring. easy to install. Simply cast into fresh concrete, as the building is constructed, or retrofit at a later stage. is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and extremely durable.

Strong, versatile and lightweight riser flooring

Losing tools or debris through uncovered voids could prove deadly. Riser flooring provides protection not only for workers but also for the public. The Grating Company can provide and install custom made GRP service risers that will keep your work site safe. Our riser flooring is durable, corrosion proof and lightweight.

Tailored fibreglass solutions for any work site

Since 2001, The Grating Company has been providing bespoke fibreglass products to companies throughout London and the rest of the UK. At our factory in the UK, we can manufacture top quality fibreglass products such as gratings, stair treads and GRP risers to your exact specifications.
25 Fatal injuries to workers are accountable to falls from height
Falls from height still has the highest average fatality rate which highlights the need for The Grating Company's GRP Riser grating.
 GRP Riser grating is rapidly replacing Steel grating, Scaffolding and ply wood as a light weight, corrosion resistant, non-sparking with exceptional strength.
Riser Gratings are perfect for Mechanical, Electrical,Vents and Smokes. A number of installation methods are available including cast in frames.
Colours available:
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Bespoke (With leadtime)
Riser gratings are generally cut from stand sized panels:
2000mm x 1000mm
3000mm x 1000mm
3660mm x 1220mm
Available in 25mm, 38mm, 50mm thickness

The use of GRP riser grating has increased in recent years due to the fact that it is easily cut to size once the services are added through the grates, GRP has also reduced the need of ongoing maintenance and is 25% the weight of an equivalent steel grate, another advantage of the GRP Grating is the anti-slip surface treatment being one of the highest slip resistance ever recorded.
GRP Riser grating is interwoven with bi-directional strength proving it an ideal partner in the solution of closing off service penetrations and reducing the Fatality statistics accountable to Falls from height.
Cast in System 
Post Fix System
Staying safe at work means taking all the necessary precautions. For details on our fibreglass riser flooring products, simply call our team on
01787 319 922.
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