Find a safer way to scale the heights with our roof walkways

Working at height can be a risky proposition. Many surfaces such as roofs can become hazardous with a build up of slippery ice, moss, frost or rain. By installing roof walkways and maintenance walkways, you will not only increase the safety of your building but also improve ease of access in hard to reach areas such as Air-conditioning units.

 The Grating Company in the UK can manufacture a range of sturdy, non-slip roof walkways and maintenance walkways that will make scaling the heights of your workplace simple, safe and secure! All our products can be tailored to your exact specifications and we can deliver our fibreglass walkways anywhere throughout the UK.

Fibreglass grating is the first and only roof walkway system to have high strength and a gritted walkway surface that provides one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured especially in rain, frost, ice and snowy conditions. Various fibreglass handrail safety barrier systems are available for roof walkways according to specific requirements.
Fibreglass anti slip roof crawling boards are often used to replace rotten and slippery timber deck boards. The angular quartz grit embedded into the top walking surface of fibreglass grating provides one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured, especially in wet, oily and icy conditions. Fibreglass roof crawling boards have consistently reduced the quantity of accidents in all types of industrial location.

In addition to improving safety standards fibreglass roof walkways provide excellent chemical resistance is easy to install and offers long term durability.

These roof walkway systems are easy to install and offer long term durability.

These are ideally suited for roof catwalks, access platforms, gully covers and mezzanines.
For more information on how our fibreglass walkways can make your workplace safer throughout London and the surrounding areas, please call our team on 
01787 319 922.
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