Tough trench covers to suit all building sites

Also known as duct and gully covers, trench covers are indispensable products on any busy building site. The Grating Company specialises in manufacturing bespoke trench covers. Our products have been used in many high profile building sites throughout the UK. Lightweight, easy to install, durable and versatile, our fibreglass trench covers are perfect for covering gullies and trenches of any size.

Fibreglass covers are lightweight, high strength, anti-slip and easily removed for maintenance access. They can easily be lifted by one, two or four man teams using standard lifting keys..
variety of Industrial and Domestic applications. The inherent strength of these panels is provided by a glass fibre structural mesh core, reinforced with a glassfibre plate applied to one or both bearing surfaces. This one-piece moulded panel is rigid, strong, light-weight, non-corrosive, and non-conductive with the added benefit of an anti-slip surface. Un-like conventional concrete covers these covers can be lifted without the need for mechanical lift.

Our GRP slabs have a range of applications and are perfect for building sites. For more information, please call our team serving London and the UK
01787 319 922.
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